Unit 4: Cyber Security

  Unit 4: Chapter 1 ·         What is a Threat in Cyber security? The term, ‘cyber’, in the 1950s used to refer to cybernetics, which involves the science of understanding the control and movement of machines and animals. Later on, it was used to refer to something computerized. With the start of the 90s, ‘cyberspace’ became a popular term that referred to a physical space that was believed to exist behind the electronic activities of computing devices. It was coined to set the online world as a distinct space. Nowadays, everyone likes to think of it as the global network of interdependent IT infrastructures. A cyber security threat is a malicious and deliberate attack by an individual or organization to gain unauthorized access to another individual’s or organization’s network to damage, disrupt, or steal IT assets, computer networks, intellectual property, or any other form of sensitive data. A Cyber Threat or a Cyber Security Threat is a malicious act performed by hackers